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AFFILIATE INSTITUTIONS: Centre for Citizen’s Empowerment (CCE), Ralpha ADR Consult and Peace Management, Institute of Paralegal Training and Leadership Studies (IPLS) and Relief ADR Consult.

SIGNATORIES: All GNAAP Members present

TOPIC: Post Election: Reconciling the nation, the role of ADR practitioners.

Guest Speaker: Very Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey

The Ghana National Association of ADR Practitioners, having identified the conflicts that arise before, during and after elections and the polarization that emerges in the campaign periods among political parties, families, churches, neighbours and friends and on social medias due to entrenched positions, winner take all and taking of sides with preferred candidates and parties, have resolve to adopt;

1.     The posture of a peace maker, remain neutral and not actively involved in partisan politics

2.     Engage in pre-election sensitization on conflict management in families, churches and communities, as well as orientating opinion leaders on pre and post election conflicts and grievances

3.     Collaborate with national institutions like the Police, NCCE etc in sensitization programs on social media and in the environs while promoting ADR mechanisms in conflicts resolutions.

4.     Assist political disputants in resolving impasses.

5.     Issue communiques on conflict issues of national interest.

6.     Establish a research and public relation units that will champion the course of ADR and GNAAP as a preferred means and institution for the resolution of conflicts.

7.     Write proposals to NGOs to fund the ADR practice.

8.     Engaging stakeholders to establish the National ADR Centre to enhance the practice of ADR in Ghana.

Taken by:

Mad. Anastasia Asamoah-Gyimah

Mr. Emmanuel Dedzo