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Festus Junction, Resolution Zone, Off Amanfrom Road.

The Ghana National Association of ADR Practitioners (GNAAP) is organizing its 4th annual general conference under the theme “Reconciling the Nation, the Role of ADR Practitioners”, on Saturday 13th May 2017, Resolution Zone, Off Pokuase-Amanfrom, Pokuase, Accra - Ghana.

ADR, with special emphasis on mediation, is becoming a major international emerging trend in conflict resolution. It is the aspiration of GNAAP to make ADR the leading and preferred choice of dispute resolution in Ghana. It is in the view of this that we have chosen the above as our theme for this year’s conference.

The human society as we know it, does not exist without disputes and conflicts. In as much as these differences exist, so are the existence of persons as well as institutions identified as symbols of peace in our society. This is also important as Ghana having gone through a successful election and peaceful transition and maintaining the peace we have in going forward.

As part of our social responsibility and also to do publicity for our practice, GNAAP board has declared every Friday before our Annual General Conference as "GNAAP Day" and this year's event falls on Friday 12th May, 2017.

We will be hosting the general public (about 500 participants) on Friday and the conference will follow on Saturday 13th May, 2017.

Therefore, this year's conference will also be held for two days as 2016: Friday and Saturday.

The form:

12th May, 2017:

1. Public lecture by GNAAP members from 9am to 12noon.

2. Free counselling, conflict coaching, lodgement of cases, fixing a date for cases that we have to take up at our subsidiary (Centre for Citizens Empowerment - CCE) from 12noon to 4.30pm.

This will be done by all GNAAP members and we encourage everyone to make effort to attend. This will help members to place their expertise at the door step of the general public.

It will be chaired by the president of GNAAP

Day two: Main Conference.

Venue: Resolution Zone, Off Pokuase Amanfrom Road, Pokuase, Accra.


We will update the general public on the progress of the conference and the detailed programme outline for the conference as the day draw close.

Thank you.



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