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WELCOME TO GNAAP  - "Your Home of ADR practice in Ghana and Beyond"

Brief Profile
Ghana National Association of ADR Practitioners (GNAAP), is a Prestigious Regulatory Body of Alternative Dispute Resolution Professionals in Ghana. GNAAP was established in August, 2013 and was commissioned on 11th January, 2014 at Kwahu-Obomeng, Wags Hotel. The Association was incorporated under the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179) as a private Company limited by guarantee, on 27th May, 2014. 

The membership of GNAAP are people from different backgrounds; Lawyers, Chiefs, Queens Mothers, Members of Parliament, Business Executives, Teachers, Engineers, Security Experts, the Clergy and other professionals.

The purpose of GNAAP is to promote excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as a professional by regulating and organizing continuing professional development training to its members. GNAAP aims at promoting and furthering the cause of high professionalism in the practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution in line with ADR Act 798 of 2010 and international best practices.


The Objects for which GNAAP is established are to promote throughout Ghana and beyond:

a) The acceptance and use of ADR;
b) The provision of education, training and research in ADR;
c) The development and maintenance of high standards of practice in ADR;
d)  The use of ADR to prevent, manage and resolve conflict and disputes in line with ACT 798 of 2010.


In order to achieve the objectives for which it is established, GNAAP has as its aims to :

a) Raise public awareness of the benefits of ADR;
b)  Provide information on ADR and ADR practitioners to the public;
c) Facilitate access by the public to ADR practitioners and services;
d)  Institute education and training programs to enhance competence
e)  Submit comments, opinions and recommendations to governments and other authorities and bodies on issues that pertains to conflict and peace management.
f)  Encourage courts to implement ADR processes before and after to commencement of legal proceedings;
g) Facilitate the implementation of ADR by business and community organizations;
h)  Urge the inclusion of provision for ADR in documents creating legal relations;
i)   Promote research, accreditation and professional development in ADR and associated areas;
j)   Receive and respond to reports and information received from GNAAP Members and the public; and
k)  Collaborate with individuals and organizations whose aims are consistent with the Objects of GNAAP.